Hello, My name is Matthew Ward. I’m a father, husband and geek. I have four (4) children that keep me quite busy. My wonderful wife (and best friend) love to find local wineries and interesting restaurants when we manage some alone time.

Since 2014, I have worked for Red Hat as a Specialist Solution Architect. I travel the country explaining Red Hat’s Cloud and Emerging Technology. I have presented at industry events, community events, geek out with business leaders and worked more booths than I care to count. For over 15 years now I have tried to keep my finger on the pulse of Technology and Business. Where they intersect is my specialization.

In 2017, social media outlets (Facebook) have become to venomous for me. They distracted me, depressed me and taught me that the worse super power I could have is to read peoples minds. I still do interesting things and I want to look back on years from now. I still want my children to see me and follow my journey. This is why I have stopped reading social media and started my own blog.